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Global Jujitsu is all about the timeless elegance of classical Japanese budo and inparticular jujitsu and its related arts, Iaido, aikido and associated weapons. Jojitsu, Bojitsu, etc. Things that stay the same are comforting and familiar like a cup of tea, cricket on a lazy Sunday afternoon, its like a lullaby that’s somehow relaxing.

Having said that, not all changes are for the worse, far from it, most of us embrace advances in technology, love travelling somewhere new, enjoy discovering a new dish on a menu we haven’t tried before and while we may not be so keen on the rain, the changing seasons often herald new beginnings. Global Jujitsu underwent a major change in recent times.

Having been the mainstay of UKJJAI and one of the founding members for over 20 years it was becoming clear that the world of martial arts in the UK was changing and Global Jujitsu recognised the need to adapt and change in order to appeal to a wider audience. To this end, suggestions where made and agreed in principal on how to create growth within the UK.

Thus the creation of Global Jujitsu. A new association and academy was formed to help facilitate progress and expansion within the martial arts community. Global Jujitsu association is now recognised and affiliated to Dai Nippon Butokukai of Kyoto Japan and Cobra Martial Arts Association in the UK.

Aiming to provide Excellence in a Global community of martial arts has always been the mission statement of Global Jujitsu and its associated academies.

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