Welcome to the Global Jujitsu Association


Welcome to Global Jujitsu Academy, please read the following details of membership.

Taster class
The first class is free! Please contact Sensei Karl Fitzsimons to book a free lesson.
Mobile Number (07769690276).

Membership fees
Membership fees are £25 children and £30 adults. This is to be renewed yearly in June. Membership entitles the student to train at any Global jujitsu Dojo upon paying the required class fees. License book, badge and insurance are also provided.

Class fees
Class fees will be collected by direct debit using our bill collection company “Nest Ltd” You can choose from the following class packages. If you wish to change class attendance you will be required to give one months notice.

Monthly Fee Package
  Once a week
(Up to four classes a month)
Twice a week
(Up to 8 classes a month)
(Up to 16 classes a month)
Children 26 38 40
Adults 26 38 45

All class fees are charged on a four week basis. 12X4 = 48 weeks. There are 52 weeks in a year leaving four weeks not charged for annual closures of venues One full months notice is required if you decide cancel your class fees, this must be paid in full.

Martial arts clothing and training aids
All new members must wear a white suit (Gi) which can be purchased via the club. Prices rage from £20 – £30 depending upon size. All other training aids can be purchased through the club as needed. Grading / examination Grading’s are held once a month for students who show they have reached the required standard. The fee must be paid in advance of the grading or the grading will not take place. Fee £15 for children and £30 for adults. This fee includes certification & new belts if required.

Class Times

Days 7 till 8pm 8 till 9pm
Monday (Venue 2) Childrens Classes Adults classes
Tuesday (Venue 1) Childrens Classes Adults Classes
Wednesday (Venue 1) Childrens Classes Adults Classes
Thursday (Venue 1) Childrens Classes Adults Classes

Venue 1
King David High School
Childwall Road
Liverpool L15 6WU

Venue 2 (Monday only)
Ditton Community Centre
Dundalk Road
Widnes WA8 8BS

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