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Jujitsu is one of the most complete martial arts there is. It incorporates unarmed strikes, joint locks, chokes and throws.

In addition to the empty hand techniques. Training is given in a number of different weapons including.

  1. Iaito: (Samurai sword)
  2. Bokken: (wooden Sword) Junior Students
  3. Nunchaku: (rice flail)
  4. Bo: (long staff 6 ft)
  5. Jo: (Short staff – 4ft)

Virtues In The Dojo

  1. Dragon – Here at Global Jujitsu Academy we use the Dragon as a symbol for our Dojo. Strength – In Martial Arts you have to have both Strength of mind and body.
  2. Life – In Life you only get what you put in.
  3. Soul – If you want to do well in your chosen Martial Arts you need to put your Heart and soul in to it .
  4. Friendship – When training in the Dojo. You have to trust your Training partner (Uke) in order to perform your techniques safely. Whilst doing this you are building up a friendship with your partner.
  5. Happiness – When you have perfected a technique or passed a grading. a feeling of happiness over-whelms you in the knowledge, that you have conquered another small part of your-self.
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